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Image by Kai Pilger
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Fascinating Culinary and Historical tours in Tel Aviv and Jaffa

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The wonderful flavors of Shapira-Florentine neighborhoods

Fascinating and delicious culinary secrets hidden in the streets of these old neighborhoods.

During the tour we will visit and taste them in several different ethnic restaurants that reflect their rich history, which began as a utopia of Jews who fled Jaffa and continues today, in waves of asylum seekers from Africa and India.


Abu Kabir's Hidden Gardens

This historical tour will be conducted together on the remains of the Arab village of Abu Kabir, which was destroyed in the great battles of the War of Independence.


Among other things, we will also visit an ancient Muslim cemetery and a beautiful Russian church. The tour starts at 106 Kibbutz Galuyot Street and ends with a coffee and pastry picnic in the woods park.


The magical nights of
Lewinsky-Florentine neighborhoods

We will start this tour at the Romano House, one of the most impressive historic buildings in south Tel Aviv, through which we will pass the Railway Park and from there ascend to the Lewinsky Market which has recently become a pedestrian mall.


From there we will continue, through a few "refueling" stations of food and drink and some near and far history, straight to the wild nightlife scene of Florentine, which has become the entertainment center of the city's youth.

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A Little About Me...

Yakir Elakriv

Journalist and author, he worked for many years as a senior editor in the Yedioth Ahronoth group. Among his other positions were editor of the "Tel Aviv newspaper", editor of the Air Force magazine and deputy editor of the "7 Days" supplement. Has published several books, poetry and prose over the years. The last of which, "Masuda", was a great success, published by Am Oved in early 2020, and won the love of the audience and critical acclaim.

For the past ten years, Yakir has lived in south Tel Aviv, exploring the area and leading food tours and historical tours in the southern neighborhoods - the Shapira neighborhood, Neve Sha'anan, the new central station, Abu Kabir and Florence. In the experiential trips, Yakir combines the vast knowledge he has accumulated in the many years he has been a restaurant critic, with historical stories that shed a new and surprising light on the neighborhoods where the tours take place.

The Secrets of Rothschild Avenue

A tour of Ahuzat Beit - Rothschild Boulevard, Ganim neighborhood, the beginning of the city of Tel Aviv.


A tour of Rothschild Boulevard Tel Aviv, also known as Ahuzat Beit or Ganim neighborhood, combines old with new. Between the fascinating stories of the establishment of the White City - Tel Aviv and the constant growth and renewal of the boulevard.


Graffiti and street art tour

In this particularly intriguing tour, we will explore in depth the underground street art scene, which gets a crazy stage here and gives Tel Aviv the title of "Israel's graffiti capital", we will talk about the differences between graffiti and other types of street art, get to know the leading artists and groups in the field. 

Image by Jan Cassalette
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Registration & Details

For any inquiries about our tours and for registration details, feel free to leave us a message below or contact Yakir directly on Whatsapp.

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